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Game Info

Title: Guild Wars 2
Publisher: NCsoft
Developer: ArenaNet®
Platforms: PC

About the Game

Guild Wars 2 is set 250 years after the events of the expansion Guild Wars: Eye of the North for the first episode. Tyrie weakened nations are fighting among themselves and underground just woke ancients and powerful dragons, undead dragon Zhaitanem leadership. Attacked the surface of Tyria and once-dominant people have lost most of its territory. I suffer other races and resignedly waiting for destruction. The main task of the player is to change this with the help of heroes from other races halt the destruction caused by the arrival of dragons and undead army.

Guild Wars 2 is the successor of the successful MMORPG Guild Wars Prophecies from ArenaNet. The main contribution to the popularity of the first film makers had access to the charges. Player after buying the game is no longer applicable and neither Guild Wars 2 this is no different. The title runs on the same engine that powered and predecessor, however, has undergone considerable development time for překopáním, thus offering high-quality graphics using all modern technologies including DX11. Gameplay is very original MMO ratios. It brings features single player games into the MMO world that reacts to your actions. According to him, changing and adapting. Guild Wars 2 is possible to play and finish as the classic single-player RPG in an open world.

You can choose from five races: the versatile talented people from the north of militant Norn, humanoid race Charr, magic-technically-based "elves" Asura nature as strongly related květinolidí Sylvari, due strongly pointing to his communion with nature. Each of these races has the specified initial statistics and assumptions that affect your start. In addition to the appearance and profession you choose your character. Classic occupation in the form of fantasy warriors and thieves that complement example, Necromancers, Elementalists or rangers. Every nation inhabits a different place huge game world.

Great Refinements side quests. Their fulfillment can be achieved in multiple ways, a simple example is the situation where you have specified by using the farmers. Either he will reap the field, or you feed cattle. In both cases, it will be taken as support and accomplish the mission.

System Requirements PC

Windows® XP Service Pack 2 or better
Intel® Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz, Core i3 OR AMD Athlon 64 X2, or better
NVIDIA® GeForce® 7800, ATI X1800, Intel HD 3000, or better (256 MB of video RAM and shader model 3.0 or better)
25 GB available HDD space
Broadband Internet connection
Keyboard and mouse

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