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Game Info

Title: Gunship 2000
Genre: Simulation
Publisher: MicroProse
Year: 1991

About the Game

Gunship 2000 is a continuation of the earlier game Gunship. This is a helicopter simulator these types of helicopters: AH1 Cobra-OH-58D Kiowa, MD-530MG Scout, UH-60 Blackhawk, RAH-66 Comanche and Apache AH-64.

A player has the choice to either single mission or campaign. The campaign is a player dynamically promoted and rewarded with medals according to their performance, efficiency, heroism and the number of injured in the fighting. In each mission in the campaign must be met in addition to the primary mission also secondary target. In addition to the destruction of various types of land, air and helicopter technology may be the target of enemy mission also pick up downed pilots, discontinuation of cargo, or a specific survey of the landscape. Accordingly, the player can choose and the type of equipment and fuel. Regarding fuel, and there is a system of friendly supply bases from which it is possible in case of emergency to refuel and replenish ammunition.

In the menu you can set 4 levels of simulation and various adjustments for any relief in the game. Drag mode takes in his assessment too difficulty settings, so that when it is selected collection of settings approaching reality, the game rewards players with quick procedure military career and a large number of points, and vice versa. Game supports the use of analog joystick.

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