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Game Info

Title: Half-Life
Genre: Action
Publisher: Valve
Year: 1998
OS: Win, Ubuntu, OS X

About the Game

Gordon Freeman is a theoretical physicist working at a research complex Black Mesa in the USA. Just like every other day coming to work, donning a protective suit and goes to execute a set of experimental tests. This time, however, sounds ominous morning and the system collapses. Gordon is a few moments teleported to the other end of the universe, when they return, the resort is half destroyed and the earth penetrated extraterrestrial race that certainly does not behave in a friendly ...

Half-Life is a first-person shooter (FPS) issued in 1998, which has become the benchmark for other games for several years ahead. From contemporary shooter is different story going on. Singleplayer does not feature a sequence is divided into levels, maps instead read by moving the player gaming environment. Animations are replaced naskriptovanými sequences in which from time to time appear mysterious man carrying a mysterious briefcase, which the player know nothing, but over time will acquire a feeling that he knows about it everything. The vast majority of the story is set in the research complex underground exception but neither fight in the open air, in the arid environment of New Mexico. Game includes puzzles for the player procedure must cooperate with neutral characters - scientists and guards.

Opponents in the game are parasitic life forms, zombies, monsters and hurling lightning along with other alien races also human enemies. Of weapon arsenal mention for Half-Life iconic crowbar, Glock 17 pistol, machine gun, shotgun, crossbow novel, innovative method of processing a rocket launcher, grenades, booby trap, and last but not least two energy weapons. Half-Life at the time of its release, took the weapon and the need to charge to the forefront of players has long maintained a wild multiplayer deathmatch. Moreover, it has become a breeding ground for multiplayer oriented modifications, including, for Counter-Strike and Day of Defeat.

Half-Life lived to see the sequel, which include expansions Opposing Force and Blue Shift and the second part and its expansion, Episode One and Episode Two. In 2012, after years of development saw the light of modifications of Black Mesa, which is a remake of the first part of the Source engine, the second part.

System Requirements PC

OS: Windows XP
CPU: 800 mhz processor
RAM: 128mb
GPU: 32mb+ video card
Mouse, Keyboard, Internet Connection

Wallpapers / Screenshots

Half-Life Wallpaper 1 Half-Life Wallpaper 2 Half-Life Wallpaper 3 Half-Life Wallpaper 4 Half-Life Wallpaper 5 Half-Life Wallpaper 6 Half-Life Wallpaper 7 Half-Life Wallpaper 8 Half-Life Wallpaper 9

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