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Title: Heretic
Genre: Action
Publisher: -
Year: -

About the Game

As the main hero must explore the city and cursed place where ancient monks performed a mysterious ritual. He opened a portal to another world, the only way to close it again, only from the other side.

Heretic known game running on a modified Doom engine was one of the first FPS that allowed use inventory and to look up and down. Will serve as weapons firing crystal wands, crossbows, magic gloves or magical hole. The environment is predominantly ancient, medieval, you go against golems, gargoyles, undead warriors and monsters really big.

Originally published in Heretic shareware version containing the first episode of "City of the Damned", comprising nine levels. In early 1995, that version was offered in stores and mass later in the same year, the shareware distributors access to a full version. This offered a total of three episodes, except for the first and second "Hell's Maw" and the third "The Dome of D'mated." Subsequently, March 22, 1996, developer Raven Software game expanded, and two other episodes! The fourth "The Ossuary" a fifth called "The Demesne stagnant" in the form of patch 3.1 By Heretic got a new, official subtitled "The Shadow of the Serpent Riders", which has today.

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