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Game Info

Title: Heroes of Might and Magic
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: New World Comp., Inc.
Year: 1995

About the Game

In 1995 came turn-based strategy, which had formed the legendary series.

The basic principle of the game lies in three distinct parallels. The player has your city / castle in which directs the construction of buildings. Every day you can build one building (of course only if you have enough money on it, and raw materials). Each building has its purpose, some are trained in combat units, other player to bring profit to the other kids and teaches skills. Another element is that it can not now stand the very best buildings, but the entire building has a tree structure, thus always need to build something which has stronger building in požiadavkoch to become unlocked this better option for construction.

The second field covered by that player is a map of a game world where the framework of its strength moves through her hero, collecting raw materials, occupies a bane Castle and the main fights with súperom and neutral units on the map.

The third part of the game is the fighting, which works on strokes. Grossly oversimplified, is a kind of chess. Each unit has its own speed and initiative, which determines when it is thrust, while as far may vary. Is taken for granted and silo units, number of lives, defense or special abilities.

The first part series HOMA brought the contending parties and 4 to people on the forehead with the king Ironfistom, Barbara, warlocks and conjuring. Each of the four sides has different styled castles and bojovníkov a completely different unit.

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Heroes of Might and Magic free MS-DOS game Heroes of Might and Magic free MS-DOS game Heroes of Might and Magic free MS-DOS game Heroes of Might and Magic free MS-DOS game
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