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Title: Hexen
Genre: Action
Publisher: -
Year: -

About the Game

Hexen continues in the footsteps of fantasy 3D action Heretic. As soon as you have overcome the powerful forces D'mated, he awaits the next challenge in the new kingdom Cronos, which is under the dominion of the second Serpentine Runners Korax. The three heroes are sent against him. Warrior, priest and mage must save the world before its destruction. And you you assume one of these three characters.

Each character has their own style of fighting, other weapons, and even different physical characteristics. Warrior indulging especially in a duel with weapons and sečnými is faster and physically stronger than the other two characters. The priest or spiritual specializes in the use of its own powers and spells that have a limited range effectiveness. He can also heal. The magician is a skilled fighter in the distance and is able to send their magic bullet in great frequency. This includes but also the most fragile characters and not much last.

Hexen as the first game of this nature uses several sub-levels, which is necessary to go and get them a key or switch lever to solve a major puzzle in the central part of the level. Thus, traveling through a series of levels and after managing to return back to go through the main gate to the next round.

The game runs on a heavily modified Doom engine. This makes the game possible to walk, run and even fly. Additionally, during your journey you will encounter earthquake, sagging bridges and fog shrouded levels. Multiplayer offers fun for up to four players.

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