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Game Info

Title: Hidden & Dangerous 2
Genre: Action, Strategy
Publisher: -
Developer: Illusion Softworks
Year: -
Platforms: PC

About the Game

Hidden and Dangerous 2 is the sequel to the tactical actions of WW2 Hidden & Dangerous. Like the first volume, and its sequels were made by Czech developer Illusion Softworks team. In the game the player takes a group of elite soldiers from the SAS drives with their help carry out dangerous missions around the world.

The initial concept of the game was quite different from the form in which the game finally came, originally had all missions to associate one character and her story that was not allowed to die, but at a more advanced stage of development it was finally decided to return to the original concept of one to four soldiers which anyone could die a prerequisite for the successful completion of the mission was at least one surviving member of an elite unit under the command of players.

The game takes players in a total of six campaigns at many places around the world, such as freezing Norway, hot African desert, forests in faraway Burma, Austrian Alps, and the last campaign even set in Bohemia. You can play in several ways, either classically, where the player controls a group of up to 4 soldiers, or there is also present mode lone wolf where there is only one soldier. In the game there are also a number of MP modes, but was not included in the highly anticipated cooperative mode that would allow pass storyline campaign in cooperation with other players. Koop was eventually discovered until later issued datadisku Hidden & Dangerous 2: Sabre Squadron.

Against the first part, which has been extensively criticized, has undergone significant improvements and tactical mode, there is a large amount of processed faithfully weapons and vehicles, of which the vast majority of the player can be used during your procedure. Despite not too much support from the publisher saw game success in the world when it sold more than one million copies.

System Requirements PC

RAM: 128 MB
GPU: 32 MB
HDD: 2400 MB

Wallpapers / Screenshots

Hidden & Dangerous 2 Wallpaper 1 Hidden & Dangerous 2 Wallpaper 2 Hidden & Dangerous 2 Wallpaper 3 Hidden & Dangerous 2 Wallpaper 4 Hidden & Dangerous 2 Wallpaper 5 Hidden & Dangerous 2 Wallpaper 6

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