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Game Info

Title: Home Alone
Genre: Arcade
Publisher: Capstone Soft.
Year: 1991

About the Game

Home Alone is a game inspired by American film of the same name. Kevin (Macaulay Culkin) parents go away on vacation and boy accidentally forgotten at home. He must take care not only for himself but also for the house, which looked out two thieves.

The Home Alone, the player takes on the main role of Kevin and storyline of the game is to collect valuables, so that the "wet bandits" could not alienate. The player also puts sophisticated traps that would lapkům miserable burglary and prevent the capture of Kevin himself.

Proceed to the next level player only when collects all important subjects and receives a key that gets you into another part of the house.

Home Alone was released for the PC-DOS, Amiga, Nintendo Enternaiment System, Game Boy, and several models of consoles from Sega.

The following year released sequel Home Alone 2: Lost in New York.

Wallpapers / Screenshots

Home Alone ScreenShot 1 free MS-DOS game Home Alone ScreenShot 2 free MS-DOS game Home Alone ScreenShot 3 free MS-DOS game Home Alone ScreenShot 4 free MS-DOS game
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