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Game Info

Title: Jagged Alliance
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: Strategy First
Year: 1994

About the Game

The first episode of the series of tensile strategies from Sir-Tech came out back in 1994. The game took place on the island Metavir, which was in 1952, a test nuclear weapons. Thanks to local trees produce unique substances required to produce revolutionary medicines. The island is but under the rule of a cruel dictator named Santino and the player's task is to liberate the island from him. The whole area is divided into territories which the player controls gradually, practicing natives in the militia and still improving their recruits.

Jagged Alliance is a turn-based strategy should be similar to X-COM, but in terms of straight down. The game contains lots of weapons and possibilities to attack. Soldiers fighting under your control, you could hire a large database of candidates from which each was suitable for something else. Someone was a good point, another treated, managed to work with explosives or could repair or modify weapons. Options were plenty of goals, and you could really use a lot of ways.

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