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Game Info

Title: Jazz Jackrabbit
Genre: Action
Publisher: Gathering
Year: -

About the Game

Jazz Jackrabbit is a 2D platformer, published in 1994 by Epic MegaGames. The game is inspired by the classic cantilever games Super Mario Bros, Mega Man, Zool and Sonic the Hedgehog. Put yourself in her role in the green hare Jazz, who sent the king planet Carrotus search for the missing princess Eve Earlong, the terrorists kidnapped turtle headed by their leader Devan Shell.

Jazz Jackrabbit contains four levels of difficulty and is divided into six episodes. Each episode contains three planets, and each planet 2 levels, which you must pass. At the end of the episodes still compete with the final boss. The game also includes bonus 3D levels for the successful passage get extra life. Do these levels can only be reached if you can find on the planet (in one of two levels) well hidden gem or get a perfect score. Another specialty of the game are also secret levels, they can be accessed in specific areas. You will recognize them by the sign marked a question mark. The individual levels are also specified maximum time limit to meet them according to the chosen difficulty. If it falls to zero time, you lose one life.

Do Jazz weapon arsenal include (in addition to the endless blaster) rebound firing grenades, flame throwers, bi-missiles and TNT sets. The game also contains a pointer to the current jazz energy, which decreases when the hero gets hurt. Life can be supplemented only with carrots. If the indicator drops to zero, you die and you have to continue from the last clue (it is either the beginning or sign around mid level). In various parts of the game can be found, for example, and the parrot cage, which helps in the fight and flying platform.

The game garnered a solid success, mainly due to the fast pace, advanced graphics and soundtrack. He lived to see two official allowances Christmas Holiday Hare 1994 Holiday Hare 1995, the first contained four new episodes a second one. In the 1998's and continuing the game, Jazz Jackrabbit second

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