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Game Info

Title: Jill Saves the Prince
Genre: Arcade
Publisher: Epic Games
Year: -

About the Game

Jill of the Jungle: Jill Saves the Prince is the third and final part of the trilogy 'Jill of the Jungle', DOS 2D platforming from Tim Sweeney of Epic MegaGames. At the end of wandering intrepid Amazon Jill exploring the jungle to save from destruction. To do this it is necessary to free the prince, held in his own castle evil lizards who want themselves to colonize the whole jungle.

Changes compared to the previous second part in terms of improving appearance the game is not much, the main news is once again higher difficulty, a new soundtrack, enemies and map, through which you are traveling between 14 levels in several already known worlds (jungle as in the first part, underground as in the second part, etc.). Jill even in this part has lost its ability to transform into other creatures (fiery bird, fish ...) and to overcome obstacles that would have been insurmountable in the human body.

In 1993 was released collection 'Jill of the Jungle: The Complete Trilogy', containing the first part of Jill of the Jungle, the sequel 'Jill Goes Underground' and the last part of 'Jill Saves the Prince.'

Wallpapers / Screenshots

Jill Saves the Prince ScreenShot 1 free MS-DOS game Jill Saves the Prince ScreenShot 2 free MS-DOS game Jill Saves the Prince ScreenShot 3 free MS-DOS game Jill Saves the Prince ScreenShot 4 free MS-DOS game
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