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Game Info

Title: Kerbal Space Program
Genre: Simulation
Developer: Squad
Platforms: PC

About the Game

Kerbals are comical green humanoid race Performing live on the fictional planet in the fictional solar system that yearns for space exploration. You, as chief engineer at Kerbala Space Center, you have the task of many different components to assemble a missile that is capable of your frequently suicidal Kerbala bring to the stars. Your main enemy will thus become a real physical laws of gravity and that in any case poorly constructed ship or improperly adjusted gasoline sequences indicate a failed attempt at a more unfortunate Kerbovdovu on the planet.

First, for familiarization with the game offers humiliation north or south pole intra-atmospheric air and interplanetary flights to touch it to experience the basic principles of the game. The account is in fact necessary to take things as enough fuel gravity of other celestial bodies, the fastest and slowest points orbit around the planet and use them for a long space journey. With your Kerbala is possible to move outside of the rocket in a fully 3D environment. So you can enjoy weightless conditions of space or landing on the moon pass over its surface and accelerated time to enjoy the view of the home planet in constant circulation and alternation of day and night.

The game is still in development. Continuously new releases are bringing new game features, bug fixes previous versions and filing of physical laws.

System Requirements PC

OS: Windows Vista
Processor: Core 2 Duo
Memory: 3 GB RAM
Graphics: SM3 512MB VRAM
Hard Drive: 1 GB HD space

Wallpapers / Screenshots

Kerbal Space Program Wallpaper 1 Kerbal Space Program Wallpaper 2 Kerbal Space Program Wallpaper 3 Kerbal Space Program Wallpaper 4 Kerbal Space Program Wallpaper 5 Kerbal Space Program Wallpaper 6

Gameplay Video

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