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Game Info

Title: King's Bounty
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: New World Computing
Year: 1991

About the Game

One of the first games development firm New World Computing. The player on the main playing area controls one hero (the choice is a knight, barbarian, paladin and mage) in the fighting controls his / her army. At King's Bounty followed by a series Heroes of Might & Magic, which has many of the same elements, but it is already clear turn-based strategies.

The main task is to find the scepter order for King Maxima. The scepter is buried somewhere and find it is necessary to put together a map divided into several parts. On the task is time limited by the difficulty of 200-900 days, but it is not necessary to assemble the whole map, just enough parts to locate the treasure. The fight takes place in the fields outside 5x6 and 4x4 + 2 during the siege of the castle. It is divided into rounds and they speed by troops carry out their actions. The hero of the struggle can only participate sesíláním spells.

Although the NWC to further develop the concept of establishment, took him by others. Three years later, it was an unofficial sequel to a 2008 remake called King's Bounty: The Legend.

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