Kraven Manor review and free download

Game Info

Title: Kraven Manor
Genre: Adventure
Publisher: -
Year: -
OS: -

About the Game

The rumbling with the first drops of rain alert you to impending storm, soon the whole sky pulls black clouds and heavy rain starts. Immediately afterwards sharply flash strobes and thunder rattles. Of rain forcing our hero to seek refuge in a nearby mansion Kraven Manor, on their way to hit. It did not take long, but his decisions have started to regret.

Your goal in this horror student project running on the Unreal Development Kit engine is to explore this huge, scary and lonely mansion, though at first it seems that this is not so. You are constantly clutching is distressing feeling that someone was watching. The vast majority of local Room is locked. Player while exploring the dark corners gradually finds mini models other rooms, through which the whole house rebuilt through a special map in the lobby. Anytime after a thumbnail of the house adds, so the house "transform" and in reality. Soon, however, realize that things that should be dead, move, and environment of this seat adapts to your presence.

It does not take long and soon you will meet your only enemy that is gaining momentum, while discovering a new clues and poodkrýváte veil shrouding the ancient history of this estate.

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