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Title: League of Angels
Publisher: -
Year: -
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About the Game

In terms of the graphic is a very good game that you worldwide gaining a lot of players who want to not only try, but who want to literally fall through. And they certainly allow MMORPG genre. The basis of the game are, as the name suggests, primarily angels who accompany each player on his particular way. Of course, each player then has the option and its particular character. One possibility is a warrior that excels mainly in personal combat, but so can bet also a magician, which is associated with a number of interesting effects and magic. What is an essential part of the game, it is a necessity to perform various tasks, or even collecting a number of things that each game character can improve, and thus to improve its capabilities.

The fight, of course, takes place against a wide range of gaming monsters that perfectly illustrate the overall fantasy world, which inherently belonged. The advantage of the game itself is definitely ease of installation, when actually there is no need to download anything, because each player only uses your internet browser. As part of him so you can wander with his character alone the world, visiting interesting places, but also numerous villages where you can also achieve certain improvements both skills and equipment. Everything is then greatly useful in various quests, which are mainly based battles against monsters and other warriors. The reward for the winner of the gold coins, which again can use to buy better equipment.

The actual operation of the game is very simple, since it fully enough gaming mouse and the main left button. Within it is also essential to choose the game panel, and it must be to be able to enter a trade, to attack the enemy or to find out information about your character or use the opportunity to regenerate. All this in a total of three game modes, focusing both on the journey, as well as knowledge and technology itself fighting enemies.

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