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Game Info

Title: Legend of Kyrandia
Genre: Adventure
Publisher: Westwood Studios
Year: 1992

About the Game

Kyrandia is actually a fairy tale. Talk about break dvornom Saxons name of Malcolm, who killed the king and queen and has stolen Kyragem, amulet, which is the source mocnej magic. However powerful Mago has been successfully Malcolm overpower and conclude in the castle. Nothing, however, is not forever, so a single day, Malcolm arrives at liberty again. A longs for revenge.

One of the victims Malcolm's revenge is also Kallak, the grandfather of the main character, Orphans Brandon. Kallak was converted into a stone statue, but even before stihol resign for Brandon instructions that will take him to a happy end - perhaps. On its way Brandon must recapture the magic Kyragem and finally, and learn something about themselves and their rodičoch.

Wallpapers / Screenshots

Legend of Kyrandia free MS-DOS game Legend of Kyrandia free MS-DOS game Legend of Kyrandia free MS-DOS game Legend of Kyrandia free MS-DOS game
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