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Game Info

Title: Leisure Suit Larry
Genre: Adventure
Publisher: Sierra On-Line, Inc.
Year: 1987

About the Game

The first part of the famous adventure saga Leisure Suit Larry from Sierra. The premiere of Larry Laffer story from Al Lowe would probably have arisen without a game called Adventure Softporn 1981, where Lowe drew inspiration for slightly erotic touch games.

Protagonist, Larry, is considered a playboy lover of women, but at heart he's a rather diffident loser who pitiful just the way she looks. The story of the game is expected to revolve around women who wants Larry to obtain and often it gets into comic to embarrassing situations. The main advantage of the game is famous humor penned by Al Lowe.

Certain attractions and a rarity today was a sort of parental controls in the form of a knowledge test things American, who appeared at the start of each game. Skip to put pressing Alt + Q.

Wallpapers / Screenshots

Leisure Suit Larry free MS-DOS game Leisure Suit Larry free MS-DOS game Leisure Suit Larry free MS-DOS game Leisure Suit Larry free MS-DOS game
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