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Game Info

Title: Liero
Genre: Action
Year: 1998

About the Game

Liero platform is reminiscent Worms, but with the difference that it is played in real-time. The game created by Finnish programmer Joos Riekkinen in 1998 for DOS.

You control a small worm on fully destructible map (except stone) and your mission is to kill either a computer controlled opponent or a live player. The biggest attraction of this game is just as splitscreenu with a friend. At the beginning you can choose from 5 weapons offered 40 pieces and game mode - Deathmatch, Game of Tag and Capture the Flag. All weapons have infinite ammo, but each has a different time interval charging. There you have dozens of firearms from pistols, shotguns, machine guns, sniper rifles, Uzi, machine guns through various explosives, fragmentation grenades, banana bombs, lasers, rocket launchers and mines. The Arsenal is extremely diverse and everyone will find their favorite set of 5-weapons that will be used the most.

The basic building block of this fast action is in the correct timing and quick orientation on the map. Map you can wade through or riddle. To quickly move around the map used "flick hook", which it is possible to snap and pull anywhere in a blink. You can also during his tarzanovsk√Ĺch fun to use weapons. So if you under heavy fire, the hook is your last resort. The orientation after you serve minimapka level below the main screen. Overall, the game its addictive gameplay reminds titles like Atomic Bomberman Worms, which was also primarily a duel live players.

The graphic is Liero lot pixelovaté a little detail. Despite the graphic special charm. The game is also used analogue physics engine that allows destroying entire environment or throw an enemy pressure waves after the explosion. Maps in the game are generated randomly and can be adjusted in the editor.

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