Mafia review

Game Info

Title: Mafia
Genre: Action
Developer: Illusion Softworks
Year: 2002
Platforms: PC

About the Game

The main hero of the game, a young taxi driver Tommy Angelo, lives a quiet life in the American city of Lost Heaven. Underway 30s and in this crisis-ridden times are grateful for it. Everything changes one day when Tom gives regular cigarette at a car crash when he hears; local mafia mastered control in a car chase pretty badly need a ride. Tom, looking into the mouth of the gun has no choice, and without actually noticing, being involved with something, what they can not flinch. It begins its life in the family of Don Salieri ...

Mafia is an action game seen from the perspective of a third party, in which the player experiences retrospectively Tom's story. Become a member of one of the two Mafia families who make war for power over the city. It is the story of Mafia puts the greatest emphasis and often due to the large number of feature sequences closer to cinematic experience.

The mission, consisting of collecting protection money, dealing with secret shops, intimidation enemies, destruction of evidence and people uncomfortable and even participate in a car race, are embedded in the living seaside town, crossed by dozens of contemporary cars. Weapon arsenal, consisting exclusively of real "pieces", includes baseball bat, Thompson 1928, the two types of shotguns, Colt 1911 and a number of smaller weapons. The game does not allow any store. Outside the core of the campaign are available modes Horse and extreme ride.

System Requirements PC

Procesor: P III / Amd - 500 MHz
RAM: 96 MB
HDD: 1,8 GB
GPU: 16 MB
OS: Windows

Wallpapers / Screenshots

Mafia Wallpaper 1 Mafia Wallpaper 2 Mafia Wallpaper 3 Mafia Wallpaper 4 Mafia Wallpaper 5 Mafia Wallpaper 6

Gameplay Video

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