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Game Info

Title: MDK 2
Genre: Action, Adventure
Developer: BioWare Corporation
Year: 2000
Platforms: PC

About the Game

MDK2 story begins where it ends the story of the first game. The ongoing celebrations reverse alien invasion interrupts the finding that it is still necessary to destroy one last enemy stronghold. The main hero of the previous game Kurt Hectic, a successful liquidation Minecrawlers how the fort called, has to his credit several, to undertake the task; Before he manages to return, fall into captivity. On a rescue mission are issued Kurt's boss Dr. Fluke Hawkins and his creation - a robotic dog Max.

The game took on diversity by increasing the number of playable characters. The MDK preserved positive character Dr. Hawkins and robopes Max, and these previously minor figures, besides suit Coil Suit famous Kurt, whose enthusiasm for action unlike many other things did not go any improvements, the player third-person controls. Each character is yet characterized by a specific approach, which is the origin of their advantages and drawbacks website.

Kurt, though his equipment includes automatic weapon, with the greatest grace fights addresses from a distance - from the previous part of him remained sniper rifle, which is compatible with several types of ammunition: standard ammunition complement eg. guided missiles or projectiles that explode on impact. Playing with Max, whose 200 HP represents twice the battery life compared to the physical mailbox Kurt is the least demanding of tactical maneuvers - ammo is enough, and because the hero is your number extremities able to simultaneously treat the four guns may face the enemy without fear in the face; opportunity to get to the point located above his opponents mediates jetpack. Act, in which the player controls a doctor Hawkins, the exact opposite of the style of Max require the most thought - contain elements of adventure, where the scientist in an effort to divulge consists subjects, enabling them to process, because if the professor consuming plutonium just a moment to turn into a monster 240 HP, his health only reaches values ​​of 60 HP, with atomic toaster as the only weapon available to permanently direct combat is not enough.

Ten levels, the game offers is the player-controlled hero divided so that three levels undergoes Kurt, three Max, Dr. Hawkins and three final chapter any character according to the player's choice. The game concept of its predecessor arises not only the story and gameplay, but also incorporating quirky humor that was in continuation of highly developed - eg. Professor Hawkins dryer hands of WC adjusted so that it blows opponents into the arms of carnivorous plants.

MDK 2 System Requirements PC

OS: Windows
Processor: Pentium 300Mhz
Memory: 64MB
Graphics: DirectX
DirectX®: 7
Hard Drive: 650MB
Sound: DirectSound

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