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Game Info

Title: MDK
Genre: Action
Publisher: Shiny Entertainment
Year: 1997

About the Game

Space Station Jim Dandy reigns Dr. Fluke Hawkins, who was pulled into orbit after being rejected by the scientific community of his discovery. His companion was Kurt Hectic, Dr. hired as manager station, a scientist's invention - a robotic dog Bones, who takes on the name Max. Whole leisurely work disrupts alien invasion of Earth, when they start to suck huge strength natural resources, sacking the city and kill people. Earthly resistance is rapidly eliminated, and as a protective suit Coil Suit, jej┼ż doctor recently developed and which represents some hope, was designed for two-legged creatures, and as the doctor himself is already old at the event, in considerable embarrassment it wears Kurt. The main character is so unsteadily issued to save the planet ...

MDK, abbreviation not entirely clear meaning (Murder Death Kill, Mission: Deliver Kindness) is called an action shooter third-person perspective, where the player's task to liquidate eight moving alien fortress called Minecrawlers. Besides hiking aliens that are presented in the game in more robust and less resistant species, the life of Kurt seeking robots, tanks, gun towers and air vessels, of which the smaller shoots and the larger conduct airdrops. A game that makes the player jump the platforms, eliminate enemies from afar and solve logic puzzles, rich in power-ups; typically related to health or firepower.

MDK is the hallmark of the potential suit Coil Suit. Do outfit, characterized by specific parachute include automatic weapon with the infinite ammunition, sniper with six types of ammunition and three cameras, capturing interventions into the bodies of enemies; These are divided into scoring zones - effectively targeting the head. Level, which is a total of six, usually looks like that Kurt jumps from the station Jim Dandy in a place where there is Minecrawler, and attempts to infiltrate; after killing the commander - the boss - the fort apart. The levels are divided into the arena, among which the player moves tunnels, reminiscent of bobsleigh. The story is interspersed with black humor and mini-games. The game environment is reproduced in full rendering 3D graphics.

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