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Game Info

Title: Metal Mutant
Genre: Action
Publisher: Silmarils
Year: 1991

About the Game

Metal Mutant is a game from the workshop of the famous French firm Silmarils. Genre is a mix of sci-fi Action Task a platform arcade and adventure. The main aim of the game is to save humanity and the entire universe from one robotic terror tyrant.

The player controls superrobota, which can change his form into 3 different mutations. Cyborg humanoid dinosaur and tracked Tank, each of the form has been completely different weapons and support systems useful in different situations. The game even includes some elements of nonlinearity, where it is possible to go through a certain part, in any order, following the wishes of the players. Metal mutant contains a total of four different levels, which bring changes in the environment and likewise also new enemies. The game contains a large variety of different organic and robotic adversaries.

Procedure in the game is solved by depositing positions at precisely specified locations by connecting the module to the rescue in the form of cyborg. The disadvantage however is that the game has only one slot for depositing and storing at each position of the previous stored New overwritten. Another distinguishing feature of this game is an unusually high difficulty. The game does include the severity of the option, pomenovanej Level 1, 2, 3 - which is equivalent to Easy, Medium, Hard - but already the choice of Level 1 (So Easy) is a challenge even for experienced players.

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