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Title: Metin 2
Publisher: -
OS: -

About the Game

Under this popular MMORPG game is signed by studio named Ymir Entertainment. The game originally was directed exclusively to Asian markets, which also appeared in 2004. Slowly but surely began to expand into other areas, including our country. And you also have the opportunity to be drawn into an interesting story line which will accompany you at every step. It all began in a common world without wars and diseases, but everything was disrupted by falling stones, which was named Metin. And his presence meant the emergence of deadly diseases, the emergence of monsters, but also the undead. All accompanied by chaos and lawlessness.

And into this world enters as a player, which aims to bring the country to peace and tranquility again. All of this is already in the hands of your character, and especially your specific skills, based on which you can do the above, the individual levels. In them you can either proceed in accordance with the game system, or by paying the fee, which exchanged for game currency yang. This title can therefore be described as the standard free-to-play game with the possibility of investment of real money, if we want to get something more.

The basis but also improve your own equipment, from specific people, who in an elaborate game world meet. It can be a blacksmith, but so is the jeweler or gunsmith. Likewise, it is a good way of using so-called parchment, so you can also improve your character. There is a parchment Warrior, Draka, but also magical stone.

At the very beginning of the game you waiting but the main thing, and that selection of a particular character, which passes through the entire fantasy world. There is a choice Warrior, Ninja, Shaman and Sura, and of course that is the possibility of a female version. Of course, each character has its pros and cons, or even the possibility of two different specializations, which is also when traveling through the game world will come in handy.

For playing this free-to-play PC game you first need to register a game account, download the game and install it on your computer. Before you download the game, check the hardware and software requirements, and the free space on the hard drive of your computer. For a good gaming experience is needed stable and fast internet connection.

Metin 2 System Requirements PC

OS - Win XP, Win 2000, Win Vista, Win 7
CPU - Pentium 4 1.8GHz
Memory - 1G
Hard Drive - 3 GB
Graphics card - Graphics card with more than 64MB RAM
Soundcard - Support DirectX 9.0
Mouse - Windows compatible mouse

Metin 2 Gameplay Video

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