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Game Info

Title: Minecraft
Genre: Adventure, Strategy
Publisher: Mojang
Year: 2011
OS: Win, OS X, iOS, Android

About the Game

Minecraft is an independent game with open world a very simple cubiform graphics. The first version saw the light already May 17, 2009, after about a week of development and due to the huge success began to transform into a large complex games. The author is a Swedish developer Markus "Notch" Persson, who was due to the success of Minecraft abandoned his original job, he founded his own company and began to concentrate on development.

The basis of all the cubes about the size of one cubic meter, which make up the whole world. It is almost horizontally and vertically indefinitely great you can get to a depth 64 meters below sea level, or 64 meters above it. In this world, the player can squeeze or destroy virtually everything and the resulting material can then be put back anywhere. The game also allows you to create different objects, pickaxe needed for mining, through torches and furnaces, and arms and armor, but also furniture and decorations. And for avid travelers and miners, there is the option to create your own working railway.

The world is definitely not empty. Everywhere growing trees can grow wheat and bamboo or meet peaceful animals. Robe night and in the dark recesses of caves and mines roam deadly spiders, skeletons, zombies, exploding creapeƙi and other vermin that would not anything like it. And if a player is creating a special portal gets into a parallel dimension, literally waiting for him hell. And all this can be experienced in more people in multiplayer, where with a little effort, no problem to create a thriving city full of live players.

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