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Game Info

Title: Mortal Kombat 2
Genre: Action
Publisher: Midway Games
Year: 1994

About the Game

Shang Tsung after the defeat of Liu Kang reached to save his life by Shao Khan, ruler of Outworld, he questioned the validity of the previous tournament and called upon the earthly warriors led by the lord of thunder and lightning Raiden again to fight. Offer can not be rejected, "bad guys" have the home field advantage Outworld tournament begins.

Mortal Kombat II is the sequel to the successful Mortal Kombat fighting game. Game system of each game remained unchanged, but the choice is more characters, exchanged with bosses and fatalitám added alternative fatality, babality and Friendship. In some arenas is also possible fatality also a third type, called. Pit; It uses the peculiarities environment, eg. impaled on spikes or dropping off a bridge and into the acid. The original game "are preserved" five playable characters, the total number of twelve adds seven new. To name a jagged swords master Barak, master hats Kung Lao, stepsister Princess Kitana Mileena and lizard men from the family of Scorpion and Sub-Zero Reptile. One of the new playable characters sedmice is, strangely, Shang Tsung, who unlike his character in the first game.

In addition, the expansion also affected the number of arenas, which are, among others. Torture, Flying Fortress, a forest or a bridge, graphic design little has changed. However, it is interesting that the visual processing was based on photos and motion capture of real actors. The game introduced in-game melodies and agile as a whole took a turn. Mastering all key sequences utilized for special moves here due to their number was several times more expensive than in the original title. This was caused by the fact that Shang Tsung is able to temporarily transform to any other playable character.

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