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Game Info

Title: Mortal Kombat 4
Genre: Action
Publisher: Midway Games
Year: 1998

About the Game

A thousand years, during the war with the corrupt elder god Shinnok, Raiden caused the destruction of one whole civilization. In order to more to happen again, and to protect other kingdoms before Shinnokovou threat, Raiden ousted his rival in a dark place known as Netherealm, but the price for it was not small.

Several years before the Shaolin tournament, the original Sub-Zero assisted sorcerer and necromancer Quan Chi-mu in winning shinnokovho amulet, which has the power to transcend all Empire (an event known Mortal Kombat Mythologies of: Sub Zero). After allowing Shao Khan again failed in obtaining an earth empire, Quan Chi was combined with Shinnokom and helped him to flee from his prison. Then, with its help, massacred all the Elder Gods. However, Raiden and Fujin have been able to slip away, to gather together the best of earthly warriors to fight against the new enemy. Millennial conflict between Raidenom and Shinnokom was again started, but this time it Vybojujte smrteľníci ...

Mortal Kombat last, which visited the PC screen. The first fully 3D. In addition to the partially altered gameplay thanks to a change of perspective prinislo the continuation and partly an interactive arena, where it was possible after the Super pohodené throw objects in the arena. And also performed limited use of weapons - which was also possible for an opponent to throw as well as you take them then.

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