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Game Info

Title: Mortal Kombat
Genre: Action
Publisher: Midway Games
Year: 1992

About the Game

Mortal Kombat respected tournament is held every fifty years, and its rules are such that if Outworld wins ten tournaments in a row, the Earth has become a part and immersed into darkness and chaos. Five hundred years ago sorcerer Shang Tsung-tournament brought prince Gora, giant four-armed Shokan race, which defeated the champion of the Earth, Kung-Laa, and since then has won nine tournaments in a row. Coming next tournament and with it the last chance to save the Earth from destruction.

This is a 2D threshing machine in which it battles to two victories dealt two figures. The basic strokes and simultaneously control keys are high and low box and high and low kick. Combining these strikes, direction of movement and can cause interference with special abilities, among which is ranged attacks as Fireball, teleports and others. The aim is to exhaust the game round opponent's hit points. When this happens a player has already lost one round, the winner may be the defeated "commit" brutal killing an opponent called. Fatalism. Up for grabs is the rapture of the head is the backbone, scorched to ashes or not it was a form of decapitation. The game adds interlude Test your Might, in which the player must furiously pressing keys at the end of the timer accumulate the highest level on the scale. After his character either intersects or nepřetne stack of wood, concrete or iron plate ap. Mortal Kombat solo players also offers the duel in one round sequentially with a pair of opponents, this variant is in the single-player campaign represented three times, and fights with two bosses - Ultimate Gore and "bad guys" Shang Tsuga.

Mortal Kombat from Midway Games from r. 1993 players took several aspects. In addition, detailed graphics and dark atmosphere enrolled main personalities of seven playable characters, each of which possessed other special abilities, from which unfolded her way of fighting. Characters also varied reasons that entered the tournament. Anyone interested in saving the earth, someone revenge and someone just money. Some fighters are inspired by the real characters and film heroes. Liu Kang is strikingly similar to Bruce Lee, Johnny Cage is not interchangeable with Jean-Claude Van Damme, a hired mercenary Kano again has roots in the movie Terminator, where T-800 manages the eye in the bathroom. Furthermore agent Sonya Blade reminds heroine Cynthia Rothrock action movies and god of thunder and lightning Raiden again evokes the character from the movie Big Trouble in Little China.

The great popularity of the game to ensure many sequels and ports, two movies and series.

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