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Game Info

Title: Nascar Racing
Genre: Racing
Publisher: Sierra On-Line
Year: 1994

About the Game

NASCAR Racing is the first part of a series of PC racing simulators, whose sequel based on consoles today (eg. NASCAR: Unleashed in 2011). After starting the game followed by a new profile in which you name the rider, team and select bodywork manufacturer and tire manufacturers (Goodyear and Hoosier). There is a choice of four modes and Single Race, Championship Season, Preseason Testing and Multiplayer Race. In the Single Race mode you choose one of nine laps. Practice is followed, which is testing, the qualification warm up and eventually race.

On wagons can be set tires, spoilers, fuel, gears and suspension. In the race to run against 38 computer-controlled opponents. While driving is a choice of three camera angles (from the inside, behind close and back away). The mode Preseason Testing testing a car on the track of your choice. In Season Championship mode you wheeling the championship on all lines against 38 opponents.

To play is packaged with a set paintkit, where you can paint your own body and the body of opponents, while imagination has no limits here.

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