Navy Field 2: Conqueror of the Ocean review and free download

Game Info

Title: Navy Field 2: Conqueror of the Ocean
Genre: Strategy
Developer: SDEnterNet
Platforms: PC

About This Game

To become a sailor and command a large ship battles certainly wants each of us. Sen, however, can easily accomplish, precisely because of the title, which bears the name of Navy Field 2. And that's because, of course, do not fight against a computerized opponent, but the fight against real players. And this will, of course, puts into the hands of the rich possibilities of how to outwit him. Just as he can outwit even you alone. The game is distributed free of charge, of course, the so-called free-to-play mode, which is a very popular option for anyone who is interested in it, try naval battles without any payment or need to buy the game.

Big positive title of Navy Field 2 is certainly a selection of ships available to you. If we specific, your fleet can generate almost 200 different ships, which will then participate in large-scale naval battles. And it is a really big battle, it proves even that can fight a total of 64 different players. This of course adds to the game on the very attractive and the need to always be alert. Additionally, each ship can have quite different properties, as in designing the creators were inspired by the real ships that plied the seas during the First and Second World Wars.

Although the vessels make up the game Navy Field 2 main thing, it is possible to destroy your opponent in other ways. Just like in real naval battles, in this case there is no problem to use submarines, as well as the use and support of aircraft carriers and thus complete the Air Force. Additionally, each of your ships can be repaired, as well as improve and of course to improve their properties with respect to the overall fighting capacity and fast processing of your enemy. If you love battle, where it also depends on your strategy is for you Navy Field 2 title cut out.

For playing this free-to-play PC game you first need to register a game account, download the game and install it on your computer. Before you download the game, check the hardware and software requirements, and the free space on the hard drive of your computer. For a good gaming experience is needed stable and fast internet connection.

System Requirements PC

OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: Onboard
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Hard Drive: 2 GB available space

Gameplay Video

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