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Game Info

Title: Need for Speed
Genre: Racing
Publisher: Electronic Arts, Inc.
Year: 1995

About the Game

Electronic Arts 1994 created a racing game that just from a visual perspective meant a small revolution in the field of graphics. The game was called The Need for Speed. For many players today known brand, whose first part was vastly different from all the modern underground.

First, it was not all about tuning, but crystal clear enjoyment of speed in some of the best nejnadupanějších and modeled (including the dashboard) samohybech then, like Lamborghini Diablo or Ferrari Testarossa 512TR. Ke word came but also in comparison with the above, rather "dull" Acura NSX type pieces or Mazda RX-7 and one-existent sci-fi piece. Everything is accompanied by its own movie, and all technical specifications.

With these cars you could chase in a pure arcade style, either by wire or new roads need to be in the Alps or on the coast and in full operation with the police in hot pursuit. It should be noted that the representation of all tracks was for its time, hilarious, well-mixed soundtrack of electro and rock. Also worth mentioning is interesting cheats, which can be changed to asphalt mud, thus the game suddenly becomes rally.

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Need for Speed free MS-DOS game Need for Speed free MS-DOS game Need for Speed free MS-DOS game Need for Speed free MS-DOS game
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