Original War review

Game Info

Title: Original War
Genre: Strategy, Real-time Strategy
Publisher: Bohemia Interactive
Year: -
OS: Win

About the Game

In Siberia is discovered a machine of unknown origin. After years of research, it is found that this is a time machine by which it can be transported into the very distant past, fuel supply to him are however limited - siberite forming mineral is found in small quantities at the machine, catalyst of cold fusion, the stocks are still located in Siberia. The past is therefore sent a team of American volunteers without a return ticket, whose mission seems simple from the outset - to excavate siberite supplies from Siberia and buried them in Alaska, with which at the time linked the mainland.

Original is the original war strategy - the game takes place in real-time, but you can always pause and divide units commands. Fighting for raw materials - crates of future material, oil, siberite, but mainly people. System of humans is unique - no you can not "produce" in the barracks, you're just the ones who land in the past. Each person can perform one of four professions (soldier, laborer, mechanic, scientist) that changes in the relevant building and gaining it, depending on their business experience.

Original War System Requirements PC

OS: Windows 95/98/2000/XP
Processor: Intel Pentium® III - 700MHz
Memory: 128 MB RAM
Graphics: nVidia® GeForce™2 - 32 MB
Hard Drive: 1.1 GB free HDD space

Original War Wallpapers / Screenshots

Original War Wallpaper 1 Original War Wallpaper 2 Original War Wallpaper 3 Original War Wallpaper 4 Original War Wallpaper 5 Original War Wallpaper 6 Original War Wallpaper 7 Original War Wallpaper 8 Original War Wallpaper 9
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