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Game Info

Title: Panza Kick Boxing
Genre: Sports
Publisher: Loriciels
Year: 1990

About the Game

Panza Kick Boxing is a sport fighting game in which you created the role of kick-probíjíte tournament with the aim of becoming a world leader. Your boxer can improve the statistics of regular training. You can increase the strength weightlifting, jumping rope endurance and reflexes kick in the moving target. Defeating weaker opponents and coaching can challenge better boxers, and the last one is the very best André Panza, under which the game is named. Interesting is also the possibility to choose the assembly moves from a total of 55 of them you can assign a 13th is of course also a chance to be knocked opponents.

Panza Kick Boxing contains among career as a multiplayer mode for two players. The game was originally released for the Amiga and then converted to many other systems, including DOS.

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Panza Kick Boxing
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