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Game Info

Title: Paperboy
Genre: Arcade
Publisher: Mindscape Inc.
Year: 1988

About the Game

Paperboy tells the story of a little boy delivering newspapers. It is trying to deliver the newspaper to produce the property addressees as much damage. Smash windows, lamps, monuments, and the garbage is so popular highlight of his work and any such damage to property is rated him bonus points. Delivery is carried out on a BMX-bike electrical supply, which gracefully overcome all the pitfalls of unsafe streets, particularly dogs, cars, disgruntled recipients, etc.

Simple EGA graphics are displayed isometric view. PC presented the sounds speakrem is minimum. Playing in his time gained great popularity, as evidenced by the fact that it came out almost all of his time gaming platforms (8-bit and 16-bit), and most recently on the Xbox 360, even after more than twenty years since the original release.

Paperboy Wallpapers / Screenshots

Paperboy ScreenShot 1 free MS-DOS game Paperboy ScreenShot 2 free MS-DOS game Paperboy ScreenShot 3 free MS-DOS game Paperboy ScreenShot 4 free MS-DOS game
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