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Game Info

Title: PAYDAY The Heist
Genre: Action
Developer: OVERKILL Software
Year: 2011
Platforms: PC

About the Game

Payday: The Heist could best be described as Left 4 Dead transferred to the environment of bank robberies and robbers. It is a cooperative tactical 3D action for up to 4 players, where the goal is to successfully rob a bank and escape and finish the robbery ("heist").

The whole gameplay has its vyhroceností voltage and clearly show the inspiration for the film (after all, the players wear masks of clowns, as in the opening scene of the movie The Dark Knight). The game boasts a non-scripted AI, and so any attempt had done a little differently, according to the player's progress. Player will be lurking just classic bodyguards, eventually. Police SWAT teams, but that run on ropes through the glass roof. Another element is the taking of hostages and the possibility to replace them, in time for teammates or if any will fall into captivity.

Payday includes 6 maps (including, for example. Registered World Bank) and three specialization (assault, Sharpshooter and support) with a classic series of unlockable weapons, equipment, and perks. Seventh map was included in freeware DLC No Mercy. Eighth and ninth, together with a new specialization is part of the extension of paid Wolfpack. Full-fledged sequel came about two years later.

PAYDAY The Heist System Requirements PC

OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7
Processor: P4 3 GHz or Athlon 3400+
Memory: 1 GB Ram
Video Card: NVIDIA 7800GTX or ATI x1900

PAYDAY The Heist Wallpapers / Screenshots

PAYDAY The Heist Wallpaper 1 PAYDAY The Heist Wallpaper 2 PAYDAY The Heist Wallpaper 3 PAYDAY The Heist Wallpaper 4 PAYDAY The Heist Wallpaper 5 PAYDAY The Heist Wallpaper 6

PAYDAY The Heist Gameplay Video

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