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Game Info

Title: Pizza Tycoon
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: MicroProse Soft. Inc.
Year: 1994

About the Game

Pizza Connection (American game was called Pizza Tycoon) is a business strategy designed in 1994. As the title suggests, the game will take on the role of manager (choice of more than thirty different characters) pizza in one of the world's metropolises of your choice. During the game you have to worry about running and later the development of your empire pizzového, it means equipping the kitchen and restaurant interiors, hiring staff and, of course, compiling menus and prepare themselves pizzas.

Chapter to itself is able to put on a life of crime and cooperate with the local mafia or trafficking in weapons and narcotics. An important part of the game's unique sense of humor, whether it is a cartoon graphic processing, themes calls or animated faces of celebrities of all kinds (from US presidents, Lenin to Michael Jackson) sandwiched on game characters.

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Pizza Tycoon
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