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Game Info

Title: Pool of Radiance
Genre: RPG
Publisher: Strategic Simulations
Year: 1988

About the Game

Pool of Radiance is the first game of a series of computer RPG games, having a common engine, later known as the "Gold Box Engine". A player could establish a retinue of four professions - fighter, thief, cleric and a wizard, and a maximum achievable level figures was the ninth game used two views of the gaming world. Outside fight, exploratory, ambulatory portion was displayed in pseudo-3D view in a small window on the left side of the screen, the rest being the info windows on the outer world and the state party. The fight was run on strokes - the screen displayed throughout the so-called battleground. "Overhead" figure.

The role of the party was Phlan liberate the city from monsters and what it stands for all that Tyranthraxusa. A player can fulfill a number of missions, which he received from the City Council, some were optional, but the player for not getting interesting rewards. Inter alia, valuable experience, which was the final battle certainly Jews.

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