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Game Info

Title: Prehistorik 2
Genre: Arcade
Publisher: Titus Interactive
Year: 1993

About the Game

Prehistorik 2 is the sequel Prehistorik arcades in 1991. In the game you take on the role of a Neanderthal, your main task is to get food for your family, it means to get through all levels and earn as many points to the total score. Objects to collect in large numbers. Since many kinds of foods (fruits, vegetables, sweets and drinks), these include the big meal that is worth more points. Despite treasures (crown, diamonds, treasure and ring). After the usual things (tools, candles, flowers and toy cars). Furthermore, you can find special items such as a grenade (destroy all enemies in the area). If you find any round spoon, fork and knife on enemies minute changes in meal. Or letters BONUS, after finding all five letters fall from the sky fridge full of goodies. As new levels are in hiding with food, opening by repeated blows of weapons at a specific location.

In the first round you start with three lives, the way you can increase the number of skimming more. Life plus you get beyond a certain number of points. Every life is divided into 3 hearts. In the event that someone is injured, one heart you are lost. If you manage to catch the animal in time, it hurts and took 6 bones that drop out, his heart will be restored. After losing all hearts you will lose a life and playing level, either from scratch or from the last indicators, which have gone through. To enter the next level you have to find a lighter and then traffic lights. In some rounds, you can also find hydrant, he used to enter the bonus levels. The game is not in the course of the store, but to enter the bicycle used the codes, which are located in certain places level.

Levels in the game a total of thirteen, including three bonus. Along the way you have to overcome many obstacles and destroy a lot of enemies. These include bears, spiders, turtles, bats, wasps, birds, tigers, owls and many more. The levels are available a total of 4 kinds of weapons with him but you can always carry only one. The first of these is a club, that you have from the very beginning. The second is the cob, first located on the 2nd level. Furthermore, in the sixth round of the ax, the can i throw at enemies, and the last level is to be found also sided ax, which works much like the classic.

Prehistorik 2 plays just like its predecessor, again, is controlled only by using the arrow keys and the spacebar. Has also been improved graphics and animation, for example after stopping a Neanderthal tired SIPA. The game is livened up with MIDI classical music that complements the atmosphere of prehistory and some type sounds better WAW, usually the ambient sounds of enemies and characters.

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