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Quarantine 2: Road Warrior - free racing pc game download

Quarantine 2: Road Warrior download and play for free

Game Info

Title: Quarantine 2: Road Warrior
Genre: Racing
Publisher: GameTek
Year: 1995

About the Game

Quarantine II: Road Warrior is the sequel Quarantine. The player once again in the role of driver named Drake Edgewater, fought in a series of missions against the omnipotent company OmniCorp.

The main difference from the previous part lies in greater linearity. This is not a sandbox in a single city with randomly generated passengers, passengers time players to directly enter new tasks within a particular mission. Missions vary considerably, from destroying buildings, killing representatives OmniCorp races over to boss fights. The game is also completely new in SVGA.

As the subtitle suggests, the developers have in creating games inspired by famous film Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior.

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