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Game Info

Title: Railroad Tycoon
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: MicroProse Soft., Inc.
Year: 1995

About the Game

Sid Meier's Railroad Tycoon 1990 is the forefather of all the "train" of strategy games, and laid the foundation for all subsequent installment in the series.

In the game you become the owner of the transport company that wants to cut its share of growing fame and fortune in the railroad business. You can do business in several geographic regions - North America, Britain and Europe and usually starting at a time when the world was ruled steam and wade through the history of rail transport, up to modern times. Business will obviously be hindered by competing firms.

In addition to building trails, bridges, stations and their equipment or stock trading, you're in the game acquainted with the development of events on the rail for approximately less than 200 years. Watching the modernization of building materials, and of course the cities of your fleet that you have to continually upgrade over time. No locomotive is not immortal and slow fault steam trains in times of rapid TGV longer belongs only to the museum.

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