Red Faction Guerrilla review

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Game Info

Title: Red Faction Guerrilla
Genre: Action
Developer: Volition
Year: -
Platforms: PC

About the Game

Red Faction: Guerrilla is the second installment of the series, which began with his space career in 2001 on the PS2 console. The game takes place 50 years after the first piece of the planet Mars, you are a member named Red Faction movement that fights for the liberation of the workers on Mars domination of the EDF (Earth Defense Force).

The game brings a sophisticated, unprecedented model of destruction and physics engine thanks to the implementation of the Geo-Mod 2.0. Since you usually outnumbered, you have to improvise and thorough action plan. This time it is not a closed game, but it all takes place in an open environment, where you can destroy almost everything (though this time terrain deformation is very limited).

Red Faction Guerrilla System Requirements PC

OS: Windows Vista® for DirectX® 10
Processor: 3.2 GHz Dual-Core Processor (Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon X2)
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: Nvidia GeForce 8800/ATI Radeon HD3850
Hard Drive: 15 GB free hard drive space

Red Faction Guerrilla Wallpapers / Screenshots

Red Faction Guerrilla Wallpaper 1 Red Faction Guerrilla Wallpaper 2 Red Faction Guerrilla Wallpaper 3 Red Faction Guerrilla Wallpaper 4 Red Faction Guerrilla Wallpaper 5 Red Faction Guerrilla Wallpaper 6 Red Faction Guerrilla Wallpaper 7 Red Faction Guerrilla Wallpaper 8 Red Faction Guerrilla Wallpaper 9

Red Faction Guerrilla Gameplay Video

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