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Game Info

Title: Reunion
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: Amnesty Design
Year: 1994

About the Game

Reunion is a real-time space strategy by Hungarian artists from Amnesty's Design (Digital Reality today boasting a particularly Imperium Galactica series). Gameplay is divided into several levels. Specifically, the management of your colonies, which builds the infrastructure and the planet itself to choose the galaxy map. Furthermore, in terms of improving the commanders responsible for the relevant knowledge in science, economics and research. The player also can talk with commanders and gain important information. In the game there are six different materials for extraction, which is located in the solar system. You can meet with nine alien races.

Set in the distant future when humanity is primarily focused its research on the possibility to minimize delays between traveling in space, which is also the year 2563 will. Twelve years later, leaving the country two spacecraft, which have the task of finding habitable planets suitable for colonization. Lodi Explorer-2's will, and thus humanity can embark on preparations for an important step into the future. Unfortunately, during this time, the rebellion, which plunge the country into chaos. Spaceship Explorer-2, but he manages to go out into space despite these problems, and the future becomes her crew, future colonists on Earth independent.

The game itself is often their theme and treatment compared to games Fragile Allegiance or Alien Legacy.

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