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Game Info

Title: Rick Dangerous
Genre: Arcade
Publisher: Microplay
Year: 1990

About the Game

Rick Dangerous is a platform game strongly inspired by Indiana Jones. Rick is a British agent, which in the Amazon rainforest is searching for a lost tribe. However, during his travels, his airplane crashes and Rick must reach out from the jungle. At the start of the game finds himself in a cave, where they have to miss out, after a pattern Indy váľajúcemu a huge boulder.

Rick Assisting limited supplies of dynamite and a pistol (Rick course can also jump and climb, or paralyze opponents for a moment) by which the ballast must be through countless adversaries, traps at four different levels. The first is a cave below by means of the Amazon jungle. The second takes place in the Egyptian pyramids. In the third Rick rescues of Allied troops from Nazi castle Schwarendumpf that he learned about chystanom missile attack on London. Last mission was thus takes place in the German secret rocket base.

A feature of this game is that each level is essentially to teach you. It is similar as in the case Another World. Simply repeating a learning where, what and how to be mended, that you have successfully gotten below.

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