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Game Info

Title: Risen
Genre: RPG
Developer: Piranha – Bytes
Year: 2009
Platforms: PC

About the Game

The gods have forsaken the world. With their departure, but they disappeared as magical protection imprisoning the Titans. They get freedom and ruthless. Its storms ravage the mainland and islands. Some territories but remain unaffected. One of them is the tropical island Farang. Until recently inhabited only brigands exploitative port city, farmers and magicians in his monastery at the foot of the volcano. Untouched island attracts Inquisition enough for it to investigate the issue. You as a stowaway on a ship of the Inquisition, too. Although most complements okay, your luck has it. Titan is attacked and sunk. Groggy but alive waking up on the beach.

Studio Piranha Bytes is famous for developing a series of Gothic, dark fantasy RPG with an emphasis on close-world environment. After the release of Gothic 3, but the developers disagreed with his former publisher JoWooD and go their own way - to develop his "Project RPB" (later renamed Risen). JoWood on a fourth Gothic development team hired Spellbound.

Risen will attempt to revert to the original Gothic atmosphere. The player can choose one of the three factions to pursue skills exercises with weapons or magic, bylinkaření, hunting and cooking and all the detail rugged island full of fauna and flora. It only remains to enter into a new dark adventure and devote himself to explore the world around them.

Risen System Requirements PC

OS: Windows XP™ (with Service Pack 3)
Processor: 2 GHz Intel® Pentium™ 4 Single-core Processor
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Graphics: nVidia® GeForce® 7900/ATI Radeon™ X1800 or better
DirectX®: DirectX™ 9.0c compatible graphic card driver
Hard Drive: 2.5 GB free Hard Drive space
Sound: 100% DirectX™ 9.0c compatible sound card

Risen Wallpapers / Screenshots

Risen Wallpaper 1 Risen Wallpaper 2 Risen Wallpaper 3 Risen Wallpaper 4 Risen Wallpaper 5 Risen Wallpaper 6

Risen Gameplay Video

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