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Game Info

Title: Road Rash
Genre: Racing
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Year: 1996

About the Game

In Road Rash you participate in illegal races bikes across America improved by fisticuffs during driving. At the beginning you can choose one of eight thugs, everyone starts with cash and other motorcycle, it is also necessary to take into account body weight, which plays a big role in the skirmishes. Then comes the race to choose from five areas, and if all lines successfully finished, it will extend a few more kilometers and goes again. Competitor watching from the third perspective and have an overview in battles with rivals. In addition to hazardous racers you must pay attention to traffic, pedestrians and police patrol, which you will often try to detain. Financial reward always rake in the three fastest riders. Over time, you can buy a new motorcycle, they are divided into three performance classes (Rat bikes, Super Sport bikes and bikes).

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