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Game Info

Title: Sam and Max: Hit the Road
Genre: Adventure
Publisher: LucasArts
Year: 1993

About the Game

Sam & Max Hit the Road is the ninth game of the SCUMM engine, based on the comics of Steve Purcell, which act anthropomorphic dog Sam and Max hyperkinetic rabbit thing. Specifically, the game inspired comic "On the Road" in 1989, in which the Freelance Police, like Sam & Max says, trying to find the Yeti, who disappeared from a nearby circus.

A player in the game takes Sam, Max can not directly control. He just runs around, making mischief and buzz deleted one after another. The game is controlled by mouse, with the right mouse button to toggle between actions (Come on, pick up, examine, use, talk) and left the event raises. It is interesting that in the inventory can also find Max, whose "use" is necessary to play several times.

Among the locations with the Freelance Police moved through DeSoto Adventurer (auto appearing on the cover). The game contains several mini-games like Whac-A-Mole (hitting the hammer heads peeking out of holes) or equivalent boat when the opponent guessing coordinate trying to destroy yours and vice versa.

As already mentioned, the story revolves around the Yeti Bruno, who until recently was frozen in ice and became the main attraction of the circus. One day, along with his wife Trixie giraffe she disappeared, leaving him only a handful of hair. Strange circus owners therefore call Sam & Max and ask them to find Bruna. The quest takes Freelance Police do all possible and impossible locations randomly necessary for "World's Largest Ball of Twine" (Biggest Ball of the world) or to the house of the famous country singer and main negative character Conroy Bumpus.

Game was originally for DOS versions on CD and floppy disks (this version contained no dubbing) in 1995 for the Mac OS, and in 2002 published a re-edition is compatible with Windows. Imus used a system whose aim is to synchronize the audio aspect of the game with what is on screen, which previously was not commonplace as it is today. As one of the first completely dubbed by professional voice-over artist Bill Farmer and Nick Jameson. Like most games from LucasArts observes, "LucasArts Game Design Philosophy" - the player can not die or get into a situation where they must load the old position. The purpose is to entertain players and not punish him for mistakes.

The game was very well received, he was praised for the refined humor, gameplay, graphic design, music and voiceover characters. Contains references to other games, LucasArts, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, etc. Several attempts sequel was canceled when the rights were bought by Telltale Games, who in 2006 renewed the cult, and released the first episode of the new episodic adventures of Sam & Max.

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