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Game Info

Title: Settlers
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: Blue Byte
Year: 1993

About the Game

This legendary strategy from the developers of the studio Blue Byte Software peek at the PC world in 1994 and introduced players to the unheard-game principles.

The player assuming the role of "king" in an indeterminate Kingdom, chose instead to position the main castle and it was to him to expand his empire. The borders of the empire were only a short distance from the castle, it was necessary for them to build barracks, which the occupation troops pushed the limits of the territory farther. Barracks but its status need wood, so you need to build a woodcutter who procure logs and also saw that untreated wood is converted into beautiful boards.

The same principle works with virtually everything. Do you want food? Okay, put the farm, which procures grain. But it is necessary in the mill grind into flour and then send it to the bakery, where he will pour fragrant loaves of bread.

The available buildings were numerous, and all had to be connected to roads. Boundaries were marked trails flags and between every two flags was one settler who transferred the goods from one flag to another.

If two players clashed border (map could be up to four), it was possible to enemy military building to send troops. The fight took place considerably simplified and rather symbolically, but it was possible to train (supplying sufficient quantities of gold), several ranks of soldiers, of which each new stage lasted more hits.

The game also promoted two players game on one monitor in the form of split-screen.

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Settlers free MS-DOS game Settlers free MS-DOS game Settlers free MS-DOS game Settlers free MS-DOS game
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