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Game Info

Title: Sharkey's 3D Pool
Genre: Sports
Publisher: Microplay Software
Year: 1990

About the Game

Sharkey's 3D Pool in 1990 was the first really good playable billiards for PC and console then.

The designation "3D" bore this game by accident. Indeed played a truly three-dimensional table with which you could play freely when rotated through all axes and using several variants views.

Sharkey's 3D Pool allowed to play billiards as well as in fact. There were games with eight or nine balls and, naturally, neither choice strike force, its rotation and angles.

The player faced a generated in fights with seven permanent rivals and good performances in the tournament received financial rewards. In solo games could even bet on its success. In the menu there were three kinds of games - Tournament Compete and Trick Shot.

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Sharkey's 3D Pool
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