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Game Info

Title: SimCity 2000
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: Maxis
Year: 1993

About the Game

Would you like to establish their own city? Look after the welfare of citizens and to arrange everything worked as it should? Then there is for you to SimCity 2000. This game is a sequel to the famous SimCity 1989 and since then has undergone many improvements. One of them is the ability to customize the beginning of the ground on which you build your city. You can choose whether you want to build in the mountains, the plains, the sea, or combine these options. Then you have to think about what should be the correct city to earn you enough money, and that they are your citizens happy. It is necessary to establish power plants, buildings, parks, airports, schools, roads, police and many others.

You will have to choose from several plants. It should also consider the fact that your city will be organic. Everything, however, revolves around money, which you have at the beginning of a very few, exactly as it happens in real life. Citizens Although you will pay taxes, but you have to be careful on what tax system raise. Indeed citizens will not like it if they have to pay too much in taxes.

If your city will flourish, citizens will be satisfied, but you must not rest on our laurels. You can in fact happen, either from natural disasters such as flood, fire or tornado. After such a catastrophe will once again have their hands full with the repair of your town. The game might never end because if you are going to be really fun and you will be able to earn enough money, you can always expand your city or upgrade.

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