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Game Info

Title: SimCity
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: Maxis
Year: 1989

About the Game

SimCity is a legendary building strategy of operation and development of the city. The player creates zones for residential houses, shops and offices and industry, but they also must provide adequate transportation and the power grid. However, the key is organization, because people do not want to live near power plants or industrial zones, but also do not want to travel far to work. It is important to also cover police and fire stations, hospitals and the like. All these institutions but consume important funds that flow from taxes. When you are low, hurting yourself too much, otherwise people move out.

From time to time, the city can affect natural disaster like an earthquake or tornado. The game has no defined goal, only to build on and on. Except, there are scenarios in which the time limit must solve a problem of urban (as congestion on the roads).

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