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Game Info

Title: SimFarm
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: Maxis Soft. Inc.
Year: 1993

About the Game

SimFarm building strategy is concerned with ranching. It was founded as a follower of the legendary game SimCity, to which were also markedly similar.

The player builds the fields, plant the crops, breeds cattle, buys machines, builds various agricultural structures such as silos, stables, irrigation systems. After the harvest the crop yield can sell. It should, however, keep an eye on market prices and the quality of the harvested crop. Fields can attack the pests. It is also necessary to monitor weather conditions, heed sufficient irrigation of fields and regular sprays. Each crop has different ideal conditions, therefore, in different regions worth grow various crops. As in SimCity also here your farm may affect various disasters. The game also has no specific target. So you can devise your own, such as a purchase of all the land on the map, and the like.

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SimFarm free MS-DOS game SimFarm free MS-DOS game SimFarm free MS-DOS game SimFarm free MS-DOS game
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